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Have Questions About Rack Design? Watch This RMI Educational Session

In a two-part presentation delivered by RMI during MODEX 2018, members shared insights about the current standards for the design, testing and utilization of industrial steel storage racks and answered multiple, common questions on the topic. Entitled “Rack Design: Resources and Frequently Asked Questions,” a synchronized recording of the slides and audio is available for those who were unable to sit in on the session, or wish to revisit the information.

The first part of the seminar guides participants through the purpose of RMI and its R-Mark Certification Program, as well as a comprehensive list of all applicable codes and standards. Highlighted are design standards for pallet rack, cantilever rack and wire mesh decking, load plaques, and load application and rack configuration drawings. Also covered are International Building Codes, National Fire Protection Association Standards, and specifications for sprinkler systems and seismic installations.

During the second portion of the session, some of the most often asked questions are reviewed and answered. Included are:

  • An explanation of the differences between a uniformly distributed load and a point load (and why it’s important to know the distinction).
  • The reason why all rack columns—aisle, interior and rear—should be anchored to the floor, as well as why footplates have multiple holes.
  • How out-of-plumb or out-of-straight column rack can negatively impact overall system capacity and safety.
  • Why it’s generally not a good idea to tie racks to the building structure.
  • An overview of height-to-depth ratio and when racks need to be stabilized with the addition of overhead ties.
  • The recommended clearances between pallet loads and why they are important.
  • What the acceptable range of vertical deflection in horizontal rack beams is.
  • Guidance for determining the load carrying capacities of wire decking.
  • An explanation of why wire decking should never be stood or walked upon.
  • Cautionary guidelines for those considering used or repurposed racking systems.

Have more industrial storage rack system design and installation questions? Visit RMI’s page of frequently asked questions (FAQs).