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How Do Building Codes Impact Rack Design and Installation?

Although a rack structure may look like a standalone installation within a building, the safety of its design and installation are governed similarly to that of the facility itself. In fact, the 2015 International Building Code (IBC)—developed by the International ...
Rack Codes & StandardsRack Design & Installation

What Is An R-Mark Certification And Why Is It Important?

RMI’s R-Mark Certification is a voluntary program for manufacturers of industrial steel storage racks and of welded wire rack decking. Certification assures storage rack users that the rack frame, beam and decking capacities shown in a unique design’s load table ...
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Why Are Load Capacity Plaques Important?

Regardless of when a steel storage rack installation was designed, commissioned and installed, the original stamped and sealed engineering documentation detailing the maximum safe rack capacity should be kept on-site within a facility. However, chances are that paperwork is likely ...