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How An R-Mark Delivers Confidence In Rack Design

Owners of industrial steel storage racks bearing RMI’s R-Mark can be assured that the rack frame, beam, and decking capacities shown in a unique design’s load table were calculated in accordance with RMI’s ANSI MH16.1: Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks or ANSI MH26.2: Design, Fabrication, Testing and Utilization of Welded-Wire Rack Decking. That’s just one way the designation provides confidence that the that the manufacturer of the racking components and systems has the technical and manufacturing skills, as well as, the ability to produce products that meet the RMI codes and standards.

Further, racking manufacturers apply voluntarily to receive R-Mark certification. The process requires a rigorous analysis of a manufacturer’s design process, including testing, calculations, and resulting component capacities. Two independent, USA registered professional engineers with experience and expertise in the design and application of racking systems perform the evaluation. Their review and approval confirms that the calculations were performed as prescribed by the ANSI MH16.1: Specification. Manufacturers found to meet these requirements receive an R-Mark certification license, allowing them to display the R-Mark on any qualified product designed in the same manner.

What the presence of an R-Mark on a racking component does not mean, however, is that the system is safe. Because every rack design and installation are impacted by a variety of different factors — seismic codes and requirements, state and local building requirements, load types and more — a rack owner must still have a qualified engineer review each application. This process will verify that the selected system components meet the requirements for the specific use and job site. In other words, if the project is completed under engineering supervision and the codes are properly applied, system owners can have confidence that the completed racking installation will be both code-compliant and safe.

The R-Mark designation was originally created in 1999, at approximately the same time ANSI MH16.1 was incorporated into the International Building Code (IBC) as the standard for the safe design and installation of steel storage racks. Before that time, there were a variety of different rack design standards in circulation, that created a challenge for buyers trying to determine which manufacturer used which standard. In response, the members of RMI created the R-Mark certification program (membership in RMI is not required to earn an R-Mark license).

Is your current steel storage rack supplier an active R-Mark license holder? A complete listing of R-Mark certified companies can be found here.