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Eight Ways Welded Wire Decking Enhances Storage Rack Safety

Fabricated of welded wire mesh with an integrated support structure of reinforcing channels or support wires, welded wire rack decking enhances the safety of personnel working in industrial steel storage rack aisles (when properly engineered, installed and used in accordance with the RMI specification ANSI MH26.2-2017: Design, Fabrication, Testing and Utilization of Welded Wire Rack Decking). This pallet rack accessory, placed on beams to span the distance between them, does this in eight ways:

  1. Prevents improperly placed or damaged pallet loads from falling through the rack structure and potentially making contact with—and causing injury to—staffers on the floor below.
  2. Stops cases, boxes or eaches that haven’t been properly unitized prior to placement into the storage racking from falling between the beams, preventing injury to associates and damage to products.
  3. Protects against damaged or otherwise compromised pallets, skids or runners—which are more vulnerable to failure and collapse—that have been inadvertently placed into the racking.
  4. Helps to guide forklift operators as they realign a pallet not properly placed into the rack system so it rests on the beams.
  5. Does not catch fire due to its construction from non-flammable materials.
  6. Allows water from overhead sprinkler systems to pass through the racking more effectively than solid-surface decking in the event of a fire.
  7. Increases visibility and cleanliness within the warehouse as it allows light and debris to pass through.
  8. Enables safer, faster and easier inventory identification from floor level by providing a better view of stored materials without requiring workers to climb ladders or use other means to view items at height.

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