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RMI’s New Video Overviews The Basics Of Rack Maintenance And Repair

RMI has produced and released a new video offering some basic guidelines for inspecting, maintaining and repairing industrial steel storage rack systems to ensure a safe working environment. The video is targeted to both potential and current end users and owners of storage rack and runs less than four minutes.

Among the key points in the video are making sure that the rack system is maintained in its original configuration—including using the pallets that the system has been designed to support and the fork trucks it has been sized for—will minimize the risk of damage.

Additionally, if it is deemed necessary to reconfigure the current rack structure, the best practice is to return to the original engineer of record, or to engage a different professional rack design engineer prior to doing so. This ensures that the system’s load capacity can be maintained.

Should damage occur—typically due to a collision with a fork truck or an incorrect installation—the rack’s load carrying capacity is likely to be reduced. This puts the system at an increased risk of collapse. Instead, a decision must be made to repair or replace the damaged components; the video explores how to choose between the options.

Further, the video notes that a qualified rack engineer should be involved in the repair process to ensure that the obvious damage is repaired properly and to determine if the rest of the structure’s integrity has been affected. Other key points include a review of baseplate and anchor bolt spacing, ultimate capacity of the system after repair or replacement, and how documentation should be updated to reflect any changes.

This video is the third in a planned series of industrial steel storage rack safety videos. The first episode covered storage rack system selection; the second shared insights into installation and safety inspections. All RMI Rack Safety videos can be viewed here.